my golden small objects collection by Furze Chan on Flickr.

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Kenma’s phone battery dies so his fingers start trembling bc they’ve got nothing to do and Kuroo using it as an excuse to hold his hands

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Tonight / 1,847 plays
- Hemenway
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Listeners, I do not know everything about Carlos, and he does not tell me everything. That is okay. We are not one person. How lonely that would be; a couple who has made themselves one so completely that they are once again alone. We are two people, separate, unique, and joined only where we choose to join. I don’t know what is his affiliation truly to the University of What It Is, perhaps I will never know. But I can know about the taste of food he has made me, or the feeling of his hand in mine, or the absence of his hand not in mine. I can feel the distance between us and I can know that that distance, viewed properly, is no distance at all.
by Cecil (via sstevenrogers)
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These awesome Van Gogh keyboard decals can be found at Edward Stickerhands on Etsy!

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 6.10.14

ursa major // big dipper necklace in shiny or oxidized sterling silver or gold by twinklebird

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Krystal for HIGH CUT

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