Ego / 2,569 plays
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» totoro 

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- Robot Koch feat. John LaMonica
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ssssshhhh. it’s okay. there there. 

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Hello! I just found your blog, and I love your art style so so much! You make such beautiful art pieces. I was also wondering, if you take any requests at all?

HIHI! Thank you! I have a lot of requests in my inbox and I can’t possibly imagine working through all of them. Sorry, no, I’m not taking requests at the moment. 

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Orchestra tuning / 1,216 plays
- Sounds of theatre
hey i was just wondering if you've drawn musichetta before? it's hard to find any interpretations of her because she is such a minor character. i adore your work by the way!!

hello, anon. thank you, and no, I haven’t drawn musichetta…yet.  

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